Our service provides a contract analysis that thoroughly examines wind conditions in accordance with your study objectives and delivers the resulting analysis.

If you require analysis results based on our expertise, kindly contact us.

  • Below are a few examples of wind analysis that are available to be requested.
    • Analysis of airflow analysis in urban areas
    • Assessment of the wind environment around the building
    • Wind analysis in complex terrain (evaluation of suitable sites for wind power generation)
    • Air conditioning and ventilation analysis of building interiors
  • Procedures for conducting contract analysis
    • Identify the problems you wish to solve.
    • Setting the target area for wind simulation
    • Confirmation of drawings and other documents showing the shape of the proposed building or development plan, if any.
    • Consideration of simulation conditions (e.g., weather conditions)
    • Contents of artifacts of analysis results (wind maps, numerical data such as wind speed, wind animation for easy understanding of wind movement, etc.)

After sorting out the above conditions, we will estimate the time and cost of the simulation.

Once the simulation is complete, you will receive a report in either PPT or Word format. If you have Airflow Analyst, you can also receive the analysis data.

Airflow Analyst Trial Download

Experience Airflow Analyst for yourself.

Trial period: about 1 month
Difference between the trial version and the full version:
There is a limit to the number of grids that can be calculated.
Operating conditions:
・ArcGIS Pro 3.0 or higher
・OpenGL graphics board
・12GB memory or more recommended