Environmental GIS Laboratory Co.,


  • Improve urban and natural environments using Geographic Information Systems.
  • Develop user-friendly wind simulation tools on GIS and assist with wind-friendly planning.

Locationļ¼šFukuoka City,Fukuoka, Japan

Establishmentļ¼š April 17, 2002

Main Businessļ¼š

  • Development and sales of Airflow Analyst
  • ESRI GIS software sales and consulting services
  • Wind Simulation Service ļ¼ˆSelection of suitable sites for wind power generation, analysis of urban wind conditions, air conditioning and ventilation analysis of buildingļ¼‰
  • GIS-based spatial analysis services (e.g., selection of suitable sites for wind power generation)
  • 3D data content salesļ¼ˆAW3D)
  • Drone photography, 3D topography and orthophotography

CEOļ¼š Ryo Araya

Technical Partners


ArcGIS Distributor

ESRI Japan Co., Ltd.

Airflow Analyst Trial Download

Experience Airflow Analyst for yourself.

Trial period: about 1 month
Difference between the trial version and the full version:
There is a limit to the number of grids that can be calculated.
Operating conditions:
惻ArcGIS Pro 3.0 or higher
惻OpenGL graphics board
惻12GB memory or more recommended